Why the EPOS Emporium?

Why the EPOS Emporium?

What’s different about The EPOS Emporium compared to other till roll suppliers (aside from our jazzy website)? Well, quite a few things, actually.

Whilst we know the process of purchasing till roll isn’t the most exciting thing you’ll ever do, we know that when your business needs it, it needs it ASAP. Not only can we guarantee your order right when you need it, every part of the purchasing process has been designed with the ease of your experience in mind. From the moment you land on our site to receiving your order, we want your journey to be simple, intuitive and hassle-free.

We’re cheaper on average

The price you see for our till rolls is the price you pay. You won’t find any hidden surprises tacked on at the checkout. Plus, the price includes next day delivery as standard, so you’re guaranteed a speedy order when you need it.

All our till rolls are BPA free

All of the paper used for our till rolls and invoice pads are high-quality and, most importantly, BPA free. Whilst the UK won’t be enforcing BPA free thermal paper until 2020, it was important to us as a business (and as human beings) to ensure BPA would never be a part of what we do. You can read more about making a BPA free choice and its impact on human health in our blog.  

We’ll remind you when to order till roll

There’s nothing worse than reaching for the till roll box and realising you’re on your last one without an order in place. We’ll learn your purchase habits to send you a reminder (if you’ve opted in) when you’re close to your next order date.

See the difference for yourself. Shop our full range on thermal rolls, non-thermal rolls, card machine rolls or restaurant and invoice pads here.