57 x 30 Coreless Thermal Paper Rolls (Box of 20) BPA Free

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Core Coreless
Compatible With Able AB 1300, Able AP1300-BT, Able AP1300-IR, Able AP863-F, Axalto Magic C5, Axalto Magic3 M3, Axalto Magic3 M5, Axalto Magic3 M8, Commidea-Ocius V Xplorer, Commidea-Ocius VX670, Dione Xplorer, Dione Xtreme, Extech MST/1V/FC, Gemalto M5, Gemalto Magic C, Gemalto Magic C5, Gemalto Magic3 M3, Gemalto Magic3 M8, Hypercom ICE4000, Hypercom ICE5000, Hypercom M4100, Hypercom M4210, Ingenico i8550, Ingenico iWL220, Magic 3C Series, Magic 3X Series, Ncr Stream20, Ncr Xplorpak, Nurit Lipman 3010, Nurit Lipman 8000, Ocius V Xplorer, Ocius Xplorer, Paycell MPT500, Paycell MPT510, Paycell Thyron, Sms SMS2Printer:Professional, Streamline Pronto, Thyron MPT 500 Series, Thyron Paycell
Total: £7.40

(£8.88 inc VAT)

Per Box: £7.40 (£8.88 inc VAT)

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